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Wireless tracking of kegs from you to your handles and back

KegSpeed manages your keg inventory automatically without scanning.

KegSpeed tracks each keg remotely

KegSpeed tracks each keg remotely from fill, in coolers and through distribution, to being tapped at a vendor, emptied and returned.

KegSpeed is automatic

KegSpeed is automatic, wireless and real-time, with no manual scanning required.

KegSpeed knows the age of every keg at every vendor

KegSpeed measures when your kegs arrive, how long they stay at each account, and the performance of each of your handles.

KegSpeed gives real-time metrics

KegSpeed gives real-time metrics about how long each keg has been on tap, and historical trends for each handle.

KegSpeed keeps track of your cooperage

4% – 5% of your kegs go missing every year.  In an average turn of 90 days, less than 10 days are spent actually selling product. KegSpeed tells you exactly what your kegs are doing.

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About KegSpeed

KegSpeed is a new, advanced keg tracking system.

KegSpeed has developed proprietary inexpensive tracking tags for kegs. The KegSpeed system uses normal mobile phones, providing remote inventory of full and empty cooperage at breweries, at distribution warehouses, and at every vendor. KegSpeed is wireless, automatic and real-time. In contrast to RFID, our solution works well with palletized stacks of metal kegs and requires no specialized reading equipment. In contrast to bar codes, our solution is automatic with no manual scanning.

KegSpeed has developed analytics to measure the performance of each handle. KegSpeed reveals how many full and empty kegs are at each vending location, and how long each keg has been there.

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KegSpeed’s unique handle tracking solution also benefits sales and marketing. By tracking the location of each of your handles, and whether they are mounted on a faucet or not, KegSpeed allows you to understand real-time draft sales.

KegSpeed enables you to deliver fresher product and engage more deeply with your customer.

More Taps, Fewer Kegs —KegSpeed